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commissions available! aw beans

Posted by bimshwel - November 20th, 2019

I don't know if anybody actually buys commissions on newgrounds like on other dopey art websites I use but that "OPEN FOR COMMISSIONS?" link is always on my page so now this is also!


You can say what you want to pay or point at something I already did and I will tell you what that costs.

past commissions can be found https://www.deviantart.com/bimshwel/gallery/71303427/robisions there. most of them came from fur-affinity of course because nobody on deviantart has money.

head-shots cost roughly half as much as full bodies even if that may not seem mathematically consistent!

abstract backgrounds are complimentary but their nature and complexity will vary based on factors I cannot determine or explain

specific and integrated scenery will ideally be charged accordingly.

animation is possible but will need to be discussed separately since it can be any number of things done in any number of ways, some cheaper than others.

https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/bimshwel/mitz-opportunity would be cheaper than https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/bimshwel/the-lizard-of-two-evils for example.

in a direct message

Discord: bimshwel #7516 Telegram: frabaginarf Skype: yirzod

email frimpordheap[at]bimshwel.com

or an on-site note please provide me with

a clear visual reference, (particularly if the outfit is weird)

the style you want,

a list of any details you want incorporated, such as pose, expression, and whatnot. the fewer questions I need to ask, the better.

if you want any of the discounts mentioned later

once you have approved a layout I will request payment. you can send it to remunerate[at]bimshwel.com or I can send you an invoice, in which event you should tell me where to send that. the tipping option is ENABLED but hardly meant to be implied as compulsory.


$5 off if you don't care what pose I use OR can show exactly what pose you want; it can be a photograph of a person, a drawing, a stick figure, doesn't matter who drew it, so long as it is clear, and feasible with the figure you want drawn so that I don't need to prepare any examples.

HOWEVER i won't simply redraw another illustration of the same character!

10% off for anthropomorphic/creature type characters that wear a shirt but not pants because i like how that looks for some reason.

additional 10% off if it is a female character since I usually like drawing them better.

*this would be subject to my own personal sense of cuteness; I don't find the disney winnie-the-pooh the cute, for example.

AND the pantsless discount applies before the background is considered!

5% off if you want me to draw one of my characters and I don't object to the content. if the character is pantsless anyway then i suppose you would get that discount anyway unless you just wanted me to draw the character wearing pants for once, in which event sure it's your money isn't it!

varying amount off of additional instances of the same character, such as like this https://www.furaffinity.net/view/30575929/https://www.furaffinity.net/view/30674551/

sometimes I will discount a second different character but cannot guarantee that will always be prudent.

things i seem to be good at drawing:


imps (i can draw something that isn't a lizard or imp as a lizard or imp if you want)

smooth-skinned creatures

stereotypically female cartoon attributes

stylish shoes





things i am less good with:

automobile interiors



the insides of mouths

specific human beings that aren't strictly sourced from photographs

unusual body manipulations

clothes that don't make sense

things i don't like at all

anything that is specifically primarily intended to look like it smells bad. i can draw a toilet but i won't draw wavy green lines coming off of it, for example. draw them yourself afterward if you want but don't show me!

unorthodox asymmetrical eye layouts

realistic erotic nudity


thank you and good luck